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Full Version: HiFiBerry DAC2 HD
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They ('Mr Curtis or some other team members') surely needed a firm, documented and heartfelt request... :-) :-)
This thread is absurd. It is nearly six months old, has 56 posts (well, 57 now) and have been viewed 1000 times yet so far no one has either

- provided Tim with the board, see posts #2 and #4. (This sucker costs ca USD100 plus shipping. Send him the money if you won't provide the board.)


- confirmed through actual testing that the patches proposed by TookAFace, cf post #45, based on information culled elsewhere, work with the board and don't cause any other breakage in moOde.

Right, it's getting long in the tooth and should prolly be closed.

Just FYI that money or products that are donated to the project are done so with no strings attached. That means that even if someone were to send us something there is no guarantee that anything will come of it. Anyway moOde is Open Source and so there is nothing preventing others from modifying it to suit their needs or their products.
As a thread starter I have marked this as solved. You may close it, I have absolutely no need for it.
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