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Full Version: Include moodecfg.txt on ISO
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This might sound stupid but include a default boot/moodecfg.txt file on the downloaded ISO.

This would save the user a few steps before first run.  Just edit an existing file before inserting into pi.  Might also eliminate a few errors as well.

Also the info is deceiving in


NOTE: This works only on a fresh image that has never been booted!
NOTE: To start AP mode at boot set wlanssid to blank e.g., wlanssid=
a) Change values in the file below
b) Paste contents into /boot/moodecfg.txt
c) sudo reboot
d) Join AP SSID if using AP mode, then http://hostname.local or
sudo reboot would only work after system is booted, but note says never been booted
The challenge is that the presence of the file in /boot will trigger auto-config.

lol, tru about #3. I'll edit.
(06-28-2020, 02:25 PM)Tim Curtis Wrote: [ -> ]The challenge is that the presence of the file in /boot will trigger auto-config.

lol, tru about #3. I'll edit.

Yes but only on first boot as I understand it.  MoOde must have an initial config for first boot, just put those defaults into the config.txt.  If user wants custom config on first boot, they would just have to edit existing file before inserting into pi
Right but auto-config initiates a reboot after it completes then it deletes moodecfg.txt file. What this means is that for a stock moOde image on first boot there would be an unnecessary reboot.
Maybe there's a middle ground here.

What if the ISO included a "moodecfg.txt.dist" flle in the boot partition filesystem?

If the user ignored it, then moOde would go through its first boot with the parameter values already built into the code.

If the user copied it (or renamed it) to moodecfg.txt and edited it, then moOde incorporate the parameter values from the file as it goes through the first boot.

Used or not, the file(s) could be deleted after the first boot, as is done now, to avoid confusion later on.

This compromise would require little additional work on @Tim Curtis's part while, it seems to me, providing the boost to the user that @normand  is looking for.

What I like best about this scheme is that it would make more visible any changes which might occur in future moOde releases to the structure or content of the moodecfg.txt file without me having to go find the prototype in the rootfs or in the repo.

Just a thought.

I like the @TheOldPresbyope variant with the template file available. It will improve the self support of users.
I'll add to the TODO list.
That's a good solution.
Is there a way to keep a custom parameter into /boot/config.txt even if customer change for example the DAC setting ?
It seem the whole file is always overwritten.
The file is manipulated with sed commands. Have a look at the two source files below.
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