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Full Version: "Check for software update" should reveal major updates that require fresh install.
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I think that this one would be easy to accomplish (especially for those of us not actually doing the coding  Big Grin ):

When there is a new version of moOde that requires a fresh install, tell the user when they do a "Check for software update."  Rather than saying "Software is up to date" (a bald-faced lie  Wink ), say something like "A newer version, X.X.X, is available, but it is not an in-place upgrade.  See: {insert link to new version release/download page.}"

I think that many users probably just assume that "software is up to date" means just that; that there is no version newer than the one that they have.  Most probably don't peruse these forums or github looking to see if the statement really means that 'software is not up to date, but no in-place updates are available.'

I understand that this is already in the new features of 6.6.
(07-06-2020, 07:03 PM)BackinBlack Wrote: [ -> ]I understand that this is already in the new features of 6.6.

There you go ruining a perfectly good feature request by interjecting facts into the thread!  Next thing you know, people will tell me that I should read things before posting.

But, seriously, thanks.  I was not aware of that.