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Full Version: Remove volume control from UI if disabled
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I’d very much like to get rid of the volume control in the UI as I am using devices with volume control going into a pre-amp with volume control. It’s just not as clean a look as it could be to have the greyed-out volume ring in the UI.
Right, the issue with removing the control entirely from the Playback panel is that is ruins the symmetry of the UI. It also would require modifications to other parts of the UI to hide the popup volume control.
What symmetry? The two circles above (progress) and below (volume) the play controls? Better have this than a large non-functional UI element:

[Image: uVsopYo.png]
To my eye it looks pretty bad.
(07-14-2020, 02:47 PM)Tim Curtis Wrote: [ -> ]To my eye it looks pretty bad.

Thank you so much for this incredible software Tim! I just donated $10 (Transaction ID: 7DE94112K00534724) and appreciate the work you are doing.

I just got my first RPI 4 today w/ a 7" monitor, monitor case-stand, and of course - moOde!

I'm using it to push USB thumbdrive audio out at 0db to My Klipsch R-51PM Powered Speakers (they have a USB input with a built-in DAC and built-in Full Digital Amp). I wanted a mini-system to simply stream USB Music. I was looking at all sorts of Network Media Players, DACs, etc -- but what was disappointing me was the screen size on all these things (5 inches if you're lucky). That's when a friend introduced me to RPI and moOde.

I totally understand that you wouldn't want to configure a major change that affects everyone -- because the 2 large dials are great looking, practical, and match the mOOde branding.

Having said that, if there was a fairly simple way to have the bottom volume knob disappear when someone has turned off the volume (I2S Volume Set to NONE) -- that would be a real benefit. What would be great (for small touch screens) is if all the buttons under that lower circle (menu, shuffle, full screen, etc) became super large (e.g. the size of the Back - Pause - Forward buttons). Perhaps they could use the primary style color (e.g. green) to offset them from the 3 white buttons under the track circle.

No complaints... just some thoughts.

Thanks again.
I just started using moOde and like it a lot: fast, stable,sound good, very adjustable. It beats volumio on all these aspects.  

Only the UI of the player could use some attention. Better separation between playlist, timecontrol and coverart can be improved. Removing the volume control if not used (in my case) would also help.
What's the spacing issue? You should provide screen shots so others can easily see what your issue is.

Hiding the volume knob has been proposed before but doing that destroys the proportion and symmetry of Playback view.