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Full Version: Easiest way for Radios Icon
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Hi again,
I try this afternoon to add new radio station. The way to add icons to them seems kind of complicated.
I see Radios are in a radio shared folder (.pls files at least) and radios icons far in a radio-logos folder (and locked).
Is it possible (and maybe easier) to add a logos folder in Radios .pls shared folder ?
then people just need to add them here (with same name for example...).
thx for reading me
Hi BlackSmile,
Last week-end I added about 10 radio stations with logo using the how to guide provided in this forum. The process is not that complicated. I am not an expert and learned ssh just here in the forum. I started by creating 2 jpg for each logo, one 400x400 pixels and the second 100x100 pixels and put them in 2 different folders in my computer. I used a software called netatalk to drag and drop the 2 folders from my computer (mac osx) to the /home/pi directory of the RPi . Typing "sudo bash" on the command line will let you copy your jpg to the right directories without restriction. I copied the 400x400 directory to the radio-logos directory and the 100x100 directory to the thumbs directory:

sudo bash
cp /home/pi/400x400/*.jpg /var/www/images/radio-logos
cp /home/pi/100x100/*.jpg /var/www/images/radio-logos/thumbs
Doing that will make your logos visible to the radio tab of moode 4.2. 
To make them visible to the playback tab, you follow the instructions to open the database, the aim being to know the last id number used in your data base. If the last id number is 180 for example, you will start inserting your radio station data using the id number 181. You then use the command provided to insert the data.
insert into cfg_radio VALUES(181,'station url','station name','','local');
You just replace station name and station url. You leave local alone. That's all.
Hi, thx for your reply. I already do that and I know that.
Using ssh/command lines is usually dangerous for non "aware" people ! Going in the sqlite database seems a little dangerous to me especially to add a simple picture.