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Full Version: Upload Album Art via web interface
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Would it be possible to upload Album art to the music library via the web interface?  The Configuration menu allows Album art to be rescanned via the interface so it would be a natural progression to 'fill in the gaps'  with an upload facility

I am now using MoOde to play all my music and only now realise how many albums lack artwork.  As a headless system Ill either have to disconnect the hard disk and attach to another system or learn how to use SCP.

Thank you for a great program

Do you have a copy of your music collection elsewhere? If not, you probably should as a backup against drive failure.
If you have another copy you could do the remedial work on your album covers on the offline copy of your collection, then copy it on to your attached drive for you music player in one operation once it's done.
moOde creates Samba share points for the following:

<USB disk Label>

Anything under NAS will be read-only but the other share points are read/write. Connect to the one named after your USB disk's label and you should be able to add/delete files. You would use your OS's file explorer to discover and connect to the share point. Sometimes you have to do it manually by mapping a drive to \\moode\<USB disk Label> (Windows) or Connect to server... smb:moode//<USB disk Label> (Mac). If it asks for a userid try guest.