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Full Version: Currentsong coding
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Tim, would you consider making changes that would allow for css hiding some items in the interest of decluttering small screens?

I'm thinking of "#playbar-currentsong", and #ss-currentsong" which are filled in with a single string containing both the artist's name and the song title. When I'm modifying the CSS to make a custom layout on a small screen, I'd like to be able to move the two items to separate lines, or set the artists's name to display:none.

Thats a pretty vague request. You mention "custom layout on a small screen" but offer no details. Your best bet is to post an issue in the Git repo with all the details necessary for the devs to understand what you are proposing. If it's something that would be generally applicable then you could submit a PR to the repo that can be considered..
Fair enough. Thanks for suggesting a way to get this considered.