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Full Version: Sorting Radio streams
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I am exploring Moode to use just for Internet radio streams.

I removed all existing streams and add a bunch of streams i want to use here in NL.
After adding i wanted to add my own sorting so that my favorite stations be the fist ones in the list so i can find them quick while using a small OLED screen and rotary button.

But i can't rename the station name after adding it so i need to remove them all again and add them again but now starting with a number so i can do some sort of sorting.

Would be nice if you can assign a number to every radio streamĀ  and can sort on this number.

Also i wanted to backup my own added streams but when i make a backup i get all stations in de zip file. I remove all existing one's but they come back in the zip file?
Just set the station Type to "Favorite" for your favorite stations and then in Radio Manager set Sort tag to "Name" and Group method to "Favorites first".
That's the way i did it but when you have 25 favorite stream i like to sort them so that my most used one comes first. Because i use a small OLED it is easy to remember the station numer and scroll to it.

That is why it would be nice if you can add a station number with every stream and sort them also on that number.

When i put the number in the station name the problem is when i later want a extra stream move up i can't do it because you can't rename the station name anymore.