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Full Version: Column: Composer
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I'm a Newbie Moode User and i am quite happy with this Piece of Software but - there's Something i heavily miss: a  Composer Column between the Genre and Album Artist. I listen to several Genres and when i am in the Mood to listen to classical Music, the first thing in my Mind is the Composer. Without the Preselection >Classical>Composer it is realy a hard struggle to scroll thru hundreds of Album artists to choose the one you like to listen to. My Library is carefully tagged and the Composer always where it should be.

Please excuse my helpless English, it's not my Mother language.

Kind regards ...and thanks to the busy Developers
Your English is fine :-)

In the upcoming 7.1.0 release there is an Artist+ option which will ADD composers to Tag view Artists column but we know this is not ideal. The goal for a > 7.1.0 release is to have a toggle that will allow quickly switching between Artists, Album Artists and Composers in the Artists list.
That's fine. Would be nice to have a Toggle for every Column and the Possibility to create new Columns and as much as you like, like you can do it in Audirvana - What i mean is a free configurable Column Browser.
Some Users only listen to one Genre and can be happy with (Album) Artists and Albums . If you listen to several Genres and own a big Library you need more. For Example: I want to listen to Igor Stravinskys "Le Sacre Du Printmpes". I own more then 10 different recordings of it and the easiest way to select one, or to compare two or three of them is the Option to preselect: Classical>Composer>Work>Artist> Albums.

... but, the Toggle in the Artist Column will also help.

Kind regards and thanks a lot for your busy developing. Today i'll donate some Bucks ...