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(05-26-2021, 08:30 AM)Kadrian311 Wrote: [ -> ]Thanks @Alaini93 & @bitlab - good info/advice as ever. Regards Adrian

Not sure if it’s ok to post follow up questions in this thread. Now that the quick convolution filter can used .wav files, do I just apply the single .wav from oratory to both l and r channels? Previously the processing of the .wav generated 2 files, now there is just the one. Also, is it necessary to alter the preamp gain-the oratory peq notes specify this but is silent where the convolution files are concerned.
@phorize quick convolution will detect if the used wave file is stereo or not. If stereo it will assign channel 0 to L and channel 1 to R. When both mono L and R use both channel 0.

Concerning the gain open the camilladsp pipeline editor and on the left you can see live the input level, output level and the number of clipped samples. When not clipped no need for gain.
With the kernel upgrade of moode 8.x more USB devices are suitable for multichannel output.
Small tutorial how to accomplish that is availabe at moOde + CamillaDSP + multichannel output.
Super nice article :-)
New article about using  moOde with USB input available. 
Indentend for routing everything through camilladsp, but of course also for everybody who want to use an external usb input.
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