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Full Version: Coverart UI customization
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First of all, I want to thank @Tim Curtis  and his team for the great job you've done making an exceptional player. 

My idea is to have, nowadays with big lcd displays, the chance to slightly customize the appeareance of the UI.
Nothing radical I mean.
I'm using the standard coverart view and it is wonderful. 

I simply would like to: move the coverart picture to the left (or the right) and have Tracktitle, Artist, album and frequency/codec/bitrate plus progressbar on the opposite side.
This is only a suggestion, not a request! Smile 

as it is: 

How I wish it could appear (just my humble personal opinion!):
Sorry if on this picture there's another os... It was just a try! I'm a MoOde man! Wink
FWIW, I second this request
(04-10-2021, 05:59 PM)Xhorder Wrote: [ -> ]FWIW, I second this request

Thanks mate!
I'd also like to see some tweaks to the Coverart screen. It's pretty easy to find high quality cover art these days, so it's a shame to have it shown in a relatively small box.

Here's what I'd like to see: