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Full Version: playlists
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i am using moode more than two years. 

i am very satisfied with sound on my hifi set (which is rather finely tuned and highend).
a lot a very good features
a lot of progress on ergonomy

thanks to the moode crew for all of this

by the the other way, I have seen a lot of evolutions, mainly highly techno i won't never use personnaly (camilla and so on)
no problem for me about this, cause other seems to have fun with it

but i am still unstatisfied with something i am sure to be a basic need for everybody here having a lot of tracks

how to easily create and manage playlists. 
perhaps it's not easy to program (sorry, i am not a tech men)
perhaps i am not aware how to do , but each time i try, i found it to be a real pain

i add a track, i found all the all album
i want to manage playslists, take a track and moove it another, i don't find anyway to do so inside moode
i want to change order of tracks in a playlist..., the same
and so on

more than this i use little android softs to drive moode on my smartphone mpd remote, malp,...
cause it's not so cool to live with a laptop even small on your knees
also cause 6 inch display not so easy and reactive with standard moode web interface also i have a good poco smartphone

and i can't find this sort of functionnalities. seems only to be a sort of simple remote
earing a track, wanting to add, then i have to go PC for moode 

so i will listen to any advice about this, and read any doc about to improve my moode skill


my question doesn't seem to find any echo
so i give myself the best answer i found

Bubble upnp+ dlna connection
seems to give me all functions i want to have
and the sound is really Great, far better than defaut connection