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Full Version: Simple GUI improvements
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First, I would like to compliment the developers for doing an outstanding job. I have been using moode for a week and compared it extensively to Volumio, Rune, LMS but I also have experience with Audirvana, ROON among other players. Moode is my preferred solution for streaming to my Chord Dave. Wished to share some feedback that I hope can improve the UI experience.

All issues noted below pertain to the Library > Album View > Browse by Artist/Year view

Inconsistent behavior when clicking on “Artist” name (artist name displayed under the album thumbnail)

Description: Clicking on the artist name has no effect. However, clicking on the artist name appearing under the album thumbnail in the “show tracks” panel changes the view to “Albums by Artist”

Current behaviour: No action

Suggested behaviour: Change view to “Library > Album View > Albums by Artist” when clicking on the artist name appearing under the album thumbnail.

Reason for change: This behavior is inconsistent. 

Incorrect position displayed for album year

Description: Album year appears beside the artist name

Current behaviour: Album year appears beside the artist name

Suggested behaviour: Album year should appear either beside the album name or the year should be removed entirely (to free up space, keep UI minimal)

Reason for change: Year does not pertain to the artist it pertains to the year the album was recorded/released. If the decision to add the year to the Artist name was to save space on the album title line consider removing the year altogether. The album year information already appears in several other places and albums are already correctly sorted by year, therefore it’s less important to display the information in the library view.

Request new feature - one touch action for “show track” panel

Description: one touch action automatically opens the show track panel when set to this new option.

Current behaviour: N/A

Suggested behaviour: N/A

Reason for change: Under preferences, “one touch action” can be changed to “no action” - this allows for the selection of an album without a corresponding action. However this is only useful if you would like to switch between albums with “show track” panel enabled, otherwise there is no other apparent function. Bonus feature, consider automatically hiding the “show track” panel when clicking away on any empty space within the album panel.
Good suggestions. I'll add to the TODO list to investigate for post 7.3.0 release :-)
Amazing, thanks!
3 Upvotes ... one for each suggestion Smile
Adding one more of my own:

Hide Volume Control and Visual Circle when a hardware or software volume control are not enabled.

Description: Circle with +/- DB volume display and control are visible, but disabled.  No need for this control to be visible and it clutters the center of the playback interface.

Current behaviour: Visible but disabled (disabled is appropriate)

Suggested behaviour: Do not show this control

Reason for change:  Irrelevant control.  Clutters interface 
This has come up a few times in the past and the challenge is that it breaks the symmetry of the UI layout and makes it look very odd to my eye.
I would like to see the remaining time on the current playlist. Where? Does not matter. I can imagine a place in the countdown clock, below the remaining time of the current song.
A count down timer that acts on the total time for all tracks in the Queue is kind of an expensive coding effort.

Whats the usage scenario where this would be helpful?
Hi Tim,

Just pure convenience,

I like to consciously listen to music, not as background.
It is convenient to know how much time is needed to finish a playlist. I don't like to stop at any moment.
And yes I have some other things to do, appointments etc.
I'll add to the TODO list to investigate.
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