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Full Version: Enable/disable a NAS source
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Hi moOde fans,
It could be a useful feature. I'll add to the TODO list.

Hi moOde fans,
Yes, but not getting much priority relative to other items on the list for example the changes needed to support the new Pi-4B and Raspbian Buster OS.
When you get round to it, it would be nice if this feature could support enabling / disabling particular paths on USB libraries too. I have quite a mixed library, lots of classical, jazz, quite a bit of pop, but also all my old heavy metal albums. It would be nice to be able to put all the metal in a particular folder and be able to disable it in the context menu in the folder view, so that if the kids are using Moode and press "random album" they don't get an earful of Slayer... (I can't just pull the USB stick as the Pi and usb storage are built into a 19" case and not easily accessible.)
(08-20-2018, 08:14 PM)JST1963 Wrote: [ -> ]But instead of typing in all the different parameters (type, server, user, password...) wouldn't it be possible to create, next to each created NAS source, a disable/enable checkbox?
Would be handy…

That would be very nice. I can do without my christmas-collection now ?
Would also like to hide some (a lot) albums I only use occasionally.
In that same vein- is it possible to specify a NAS directory (NFS for me!) for playlists to save to instead of writing to the SD card - I don't have a USB drive plugged in.
probably. You would need to replace /var/lib/mpd/playlists dir with a symlink to /mnt/Playlists and then mount your remote Playlists dir to this local dir.

Something like that.
(09-16-2019, 02:50 PM)Tim Curtis Wrote: [ -> ]probably. You would need to replace /var/lib/mpd/playlists dir with a symlink to /mnt/Playlists and then mount your remote  Playlists dir to this local dir.

Something like that.

Any further thoughts or progress on this idea/feature request?

My music library is split into different folders for flac and mp3 music formats. A portion of the files in the mp3 folder are copies of those files found in the flac folders. For the majority of the time I prefer just listening to my flac files through moOde so I don't inlcude the mp3 paths in my NAS mounts. However there are times when it would be nice to also include the mp3 library, even if its on a temporary basis.
Been waiting for this functionality but have not voiced my support until now. Folders on the NAS offer the ability to manage my audio library in a way that works best for me. 

Having this functionality by no means is preventing me from enjoying the fruits of the development teams labor so I shall wait patiently.
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