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Full Version: [How to do instruction] MoodeAudio Alexa Integration
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The only thing I found missing from this great project is an integration with Amazon Alexa SmartHub, so after trying some things, I managed to do it and wrote a detailed how-to here:

In general I created a "pseudo" Amazon hub using node-red automation  emulating Philips Hub as a proxy for managing Moode Audio. I tried to create all these having security in mind, so everything is on your internal network, without having to open anything from the outside.

Node-red flows:
[Image: 154813898-5ebf3ce6-1137-4bbc-8c44-d57fa7b39e66.png]
An example for the first function for http request is the following:

if (msg.on) {
} else {
return res;

Note that Alexa identifies those devices as philips royal hue hub. Just say:

"Alexa, turn on Pi audio" "Alexa, turn on Pi Audio Volume"
or create a routine for "Alexa, next song" to "Turn on Pi Next Song"
Needless to say that if anyone has any addition and / or question, feel free to add / ask Smile
After moOde 8 ships I'll have a look at it :-)
Very cool, as soon as i have more time, i will test.