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Full Version: moode 4.3 img cannot expand fs
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hi Tim

just dl'd Moode4.3 image,   boots ok and runs ok, but it will not accept the expand fs button on the system page

when I click on expand fs some of the other buttons flash and "reset" but the expand file system does not "do" anything

tried with 16gb and 32 gb sd cards

If I expand the partition manually using gparted, Moode reboots but the gui does not run!



I found what the problem is,  The expand does NOT work using Firefox 60.0.1 64 bit, but works on Chronium


I am now new on 4.4 wirth the last fix and run into the same problem, Firefox is not doing anithing, Chrome is showing a pop up and after confirmation it takes about 2 seconds, but it allso does not do anything...?
ROOT size = 2.9G
ROOT used = 82%
ROOT avail = 508M
FS expand = not expanded
MEM free = 645 MB
MEM used = 87 MB
Temperature = 48.9°C
strange, now it worked...