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Full Version: Clock Radio improvements
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Here is a screenie of the new Clock Radio with days-of-the-week added :-)

There are three modes of operation: Disabled, Clock Radio and Sleep Timer. Input controls are grayed out depending on the mode.


Can't wait…. (December wasn't it?)

Yes moOde 4.4 will be released in December :-)
Can it play out to different devices? I have set MPD to external DAC which is heavy ingeneered, tubes amp then and so on. And I would like to set Clock Radio to internal RPi out, then to any sort of simple & stupid amp in auto-wake up mode upon input signal..
It just starts and stops MPD playback. It doesn't mess with the device configuration.
Where do you store the timer for clock radio?
Cant find it at "crontab -e" or "/etc/cron.d"