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Full Version: Fade in - Fade out
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First of all, thank you very much for your work. 

With my sound card, a hifiberry Dac + Pro, when I ask moode to play next song while another is playing, I hear a unpleasant "clic" or "clip" between the 2 songs.  

Anyway, I suggest a (comfort) feature for our ears: A quick volume "Fade in" on play,  and a quick "fade out" on stop. (and so, a "fade out/fade in" on "next" fonction)

That could eliminate "Pops" or "Clics" when you stop or play in middle of a song and that's more pleasant than a brutal stop or run. 

Thanks against for your work. 

IME audio glitch when the audio output is closed, as it would be when manually skipping tracks or stopping the track, is a hardware based issue on many of the PCM 5xxx based DAC boards. IIRC the PCM 5xxx chips don't have an integrated auto-mute circuit and thus this would have to be provided as a separate chip/circuit on the DAC board.

I get this glitch on all my PCM 5xxx based DAC's but it does not occur on my two ESS based DAC's i.e Mamboberry LS and Allo Katana.

Thank's Tim for your answer.

So, I'm going to change my DAC...