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Full Version: Librespot authentication
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Hello everyone. I just switched from volumio. I'm trying out moode and liking it so far.

Raspberry pi 3 & Hifiberry DAC+
Everything worked right out of the box, all but spotify.

Librespot isn't showing on my spotify clients (desktop and mobile)
In my case the problem seems to be authentication. When I run another instance with 

librespot -n test

I get the same problem (nothing showing up). But as soon as i authenticate with my user and pass it shows on both clients.

librespot -n test -u foo -p bar

Would you recommed I wait for moode 4.4 or is this fixable?
Librespot requires a Spotify Premium account which means that you have to be logged in first.

Thanks for the quick reply.

Umh, how do I log in? Is there a conf file where i put my credentials or something alike?
I'm logged with premium on both mobile and desktop if that's what you meant.
Librespot should automatically pick up your credentials from your Desktop and Mobile clients.

I assume you turned on Spotify in the Renderers section of moOde Audio Config. You should never have to enter commands in SSH to enable Spotify Connect.

Here's a screenie of the app on my Mac playing to a Pi named RP3.