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Full Version: AES67? Audio over IP? Use my Moode rPi as a DAC?
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Often I wish I could use my Moode rPi as a DAC for my workstation.

Audio over IP seems to be gaining popularity in pro audio world. AES67 is an open standard that puts PCM into IP packets. There are drivers that look like a sound card to the host OS. The standard attempts to minimizes latency, which is nice, but not critical for me. I wonder if the rPi could receive 2ch 24bit 96kHz over ethernet without too much jitter?

I've done a bit of googling and found some hints for implementing AES67 by using PTP and Gstreamer. No working code on a rPi yet.

You really need to provide a lot more information in your post.

- links to materials explaining AES67
- usage scenarios
- benefits over other protocols
- comparisons to other protocols

If you educate us on AES67 maybe we can contribute something useful :-)