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Full Version: Show EQ curve chart in the UI
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It would be nice to see a visual representation of the graphic EQ curves in the UI, maybe in the curve edit page.
I mean something really simple just to see the shape, or have a quick idea of the changes while cycling between two curves.
This would be for graphical eq only.

( Parametric EQ is a whole different beast, just ignore it for the sake of this thread)
Hi moOde fans,
It would be easier to implement vertical slider controls. They would implicitly show the the curve by their position just like on a physical Graphic EQ.

I haven't figured out those controls yet so maybe @swizzle can take a look :-)
Hi moOde fans,
What I'm referring to is like below where the slider controls effectively show the curve. But even if it never materializes as a feature in moOde the graphic EQ as-is already has a nice set of named curves that are really useful and easily tweaked.

Hi moOde fans,
Hi moOde fans,