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Full Version: Mpd db update problem
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First of all since Im new I kist want to express my thougths. Thanks for a gret software.
Moode has really developed in the right direction. Good stability and functions to meet everyones demands. Thanks!

I have found similair threads to my problem but dont manage to find the solution. I know a workaround via ssh but I dont manage to solve it via Gui so there is something you should consider solving for future updates.

Mpd db doesnt update or regenerate properly after this scenario. (Everythibg via gui)

1. fresh new install on sd card.
2. Nas settings done and nas mounted correct and mpd db updates correct. Everything works
3. I change my nas path from my server from to
4. Nas shows broken in gui. I update nas path and it mount properly again.
5. I force update db and/or regenerate. Restart. I try everythibg and nothing works. In fact it shows all folders from the old db but they contain no files.

There is definately something thats strange here.
I don have my logs but its easy to redo the same steps as I made...
You would need to post MPD log that shows some sort of breakage in the database update process.

In your step #4 after entering the bad path and saving you would need to wait for the db update to complete before changing the path again because when an existing NAS config is saved the old mount point is removed followed by the addition of a new mount point.