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SSH - one small thing... - Skeistrup - 04-19-2018

So I finally jumped from beta12 to 4.1 - so how high did I have to jump?

I had decided to go with the 7" display and the kiosk case for making it look nice :-)
Bougth the stuff, assembled but wait - do not put it into the case yet!
Downloaded the required Stretch lite, got the image to the SD card, put in the card and fired up the Rpi+Display, nice seeing it boot up.
Over to Terminal on MacOS - SSH pi@ipaddr - port 22 connection refused!

Begin scratch you head, did you update some stuff on Mac? Did you get in new network equipment? did you lock down port 22? maybe a time for a boot of the old Mac? Nothing helped, fired up MacOS Server, Network tool port scan, works locally, but nothing from the pi???
Google google read read try this try that, scratch even more and then, by accident stable over: The easiest way to do this for a headless setup, is to create a new file called "ssh" on the SD card - hmm

Out with the SD card, copy one of the .txt files and rename to ssh. In with the SD card, power up and bam! 

End Scratch your head and enjoy the Moode OS build flowing on your little screen, waiting for it to finish  Smile