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Parametric EQ - George44 - 06-02-2019

Hello to everybody,

I tried to set the parametric EQ to work over a Bluetooth connection, like a phone or a PC, but it does not seem to work. Is that correct, or I am doing something wrong?

Thank you

RE: Parametric EQ - Tim Curtis - 06-02-2019

The EQ's only work with the output from MPD, Airplay or Spotify renderers.

Below is from the (i) help for Parametric EQ in Audio Config.

Four Mitra-Regalia peaking equaliser filters in series; a vector arithmetic re-implementation of Fons Adriaensens "Parametric1" equaliser[fafil] with minor differences. Parallelisation of the serial filter organisation causes the output to lag by three samples. This EQ uses the EqFA4p component of the CAPS suite of DSP programs written by Tim Goetze
Note: Equalizer processing applies to MPD, Airplay and Spotify output.

RE: Parametric EQ - George44 - 06-02-2019

I thought so, thank you very much. And thank you for the very nice software. I just installed the newest version. Awesome!