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Power supplies - Listener - 05-03-2018

I built a nice linear power supply using two 7805s, one for the Raspberry Pi and one for an Allo DAC. The DAC side worked fine, but a 7805 can't supply enough current for the Pi. So, I built a separate, well-filtered linear supply for the DAC and bought a 2.5 amp SMPS for the Pi. That's in place now and sounds great. I didn't think that I would like this streaming business that much, but I do. I haven't tried any of the other DACs or drivers but the stack listed below is quite musical.

Raspberry Pi 3 with 2.5 amp with SMPS
Allo Boss DAC 1.2 with regulated linear power
MoOde Audio 4.1 using the IIR filter
Lenovo Tab 3 as a controller
KT88 SE amp (ultralinear)
Transmission line speakers
Powered subs

I plan to redo my original supply with LM317s, which should deliver enough current to run th Pi.

This was fun!



RE: Power supplies - Tim Curtis - 05-03-2018

TL's and Subs are a great combo. What brands/models are u using ? I used to have a super rare set of DCM Time Window Squared speaks :-)

Allo's product line is leading edge. Watch for their upcoming Katana DAC and Nirvana PSU. Great stuff :-)


RE: Power supplies - Listener - 05-05-2018

(05-03-2018, 02:36 PM)Tim Curtis Wrote: TL's and Subs are a great combo. What brands/models are u using ? I used to have a super rare set of DCM Time Window Squared speaks :-)

Oh, the DCMs must have been nice. I am a diy type, so the t-lines are a design of my own based on a half Chili Chang design that was popular a few years back. I am using a 8" 'full range' drivers with a Linaeum tweeter bolted on top. No cross over, just a cap to roll off the tweeter. The subs are 10" front-firing Polks, one for each side. But the key is a derived center channel via the Hafler/Klipsch design running a small LX5.

Thoughts on the FIR or IIR setting for an Allo Boss?



RE: Power supplies - Tim Curtis - 05-08-2018

Thats a really nice minimalist design, plus the vintage 3-channel enhancement :-)

The DCM TW^2's had very complex x-over network [controls on back of head cab are High Frequency Dispersion, Mid Frequency Dispersion and Tweeter Level] but goal was similar to 3-channel, to produce more enjoyable "sound stage". The head cabs had front firing mid/high drivers and side-firing mid/high drivers (the "dispersion" feature). Interesting design.

The PCM 5xxx digital filter options seem to be more for Recording Studio applications ??? than end-user listening where things like EQ, Loudness and other DSP produce noticeable changes in the the sound.


RE: Power supplies - Lizard_King - 05-25-2018

I am using a Military Linear regulated 5V PSU for the Allo Boss Dac 1.2. The power does not go ther the USB-C port. I am using pin headers on the Boss Dac. I use an IFI Ipower 5V PSU for the PI connected at the pin headers on the boos Dac. I run moode 4.1 and it is a truly musical sounding system. Will a linear PSU for the Pi make a big difference compared to the IFI?

RE: Power supplies - Listener - 07-28-2018

(05-25-2018, 07:04 PM)Lizard_King Wrote: Military Linear regulated 5V PSU

That's interesting, any more on that? Pics, source...

RE: Power supplies - DRONE7 - 08-09-2019

Here's another linear supply that has current to spare and doesn't rely on voltage regulator packages ....

RE: Power supplies - Malefoda - 08-09-2019

Another thread about power supplies:

BTW I may report soon on my L-Adapter.

[Image: 769478d1563643066-adapter-ladapterwip-jpg]

RE: Power supplies - DRONE7 - 08-09-2019

Quote:BTW I may report soon on my L-Adapter.

I'll look forward to that.. Smile 
My L-Adapter boards just arrived and I'm about to order the parts from Mouser.

I've ordered 2 and plan to use the other as a replacement for an HP 520 thinclient smps.