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Moode (and RPi) startup and shutdown - mancio61 - 05-30-2018

Hi guys
I'm in the final phase of my DIY project. As written in other thread is a network music streamer based onto an RPi3 and a HifiBerry DAC PRO+.
I bought a Mausberry board, to manage the starting phase and the shutdown phase of the system, using a momentary button (with a nice blue 3V LED).
The system seems to work, basically needs a bash script running continuously and added to the rc.local file. Unfortunately I've some problem with soldering, and one of the pin of the board doesn't assure the right level of electrical continuity. 
Pressing the button, the led light up, and the system starts (also starting the python script that manage the OLED 16x2 display wired to the system). Pressing another time the button... the system seems to not respond, and the shutdown is not started. Surely I have to check all the soldering (the 4 on the button, 2 for the LED, two for the power) and the ones on the board. 

However, is there a method to obtain the same behavior without the usage of the Mausberry board? 
I'd like to have these behaviors:
1) Press the button, blu led light up and system start-up
2) Press the button (short press), and the system shutdowns
3) Press the button (long press) adn the system perform a reset.

I've searched on the web, but a lot of guides make use of two different buttons. I didn't find an example that uses a single momentary button.

thanks a lot in advance