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Tag Editor - a491765 - 02-04-2020


Just to discuss about tag editor. Which one do you use ?

Personnaly i use Picard, i like the automation.
But it gives too much useless tags for me (bpm, script, comment, tag ID...)
Remove them piece by piece is a big deal !

And you ?

RE: Tag Editor - vinnn - 02-04-2020

Easytag for me, seems to be the nicest to use on Linux at least.

RE: Tag Editor - IT-Andy52 - 02-04-2020

I use since ages mp3tag (Windows) and yate (MAC) as:

the author of mp3tag has a note on his homepage <snip>Please note that macOS Catalina does NOT support Wine-based apps, so this version of Mp3tag won't run on macOS Catalina.

I'm currently working on a native version of Mp3tag for macOS — if you want to keep notified on any updates, please subscribe to the Mp3tag Newsletter below. </snip>

However yate is great too

As I read in this forum "there are several ways to *** a cat!