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RE: moOde release 4.1 - Prince - 04-14-2018

THX Tim,

updating on a Pi-1A 256MB went wrong. (It was a half-hearted update, so I have no logs, but I could figure out why it is not working. I thing the small memory is the troublemaker.)
I took the easy way and run the updating process on a Pi-1B 512MB. After an hour it is all done and running  Smile

Even LIRC and LCDproc are still working, as they should.
Really, really good.  Heart

RE: moOde release 4.1 - kitamura_design - 04-14-2018

Hi Tim,

Sometime google search function on the album artwork shows the strange result.
I found this only in case of listening web radio, the search result shows wrong artist/ album, but no problem when listening the internal sources (songs listed on "Library" tab).

I repeated testing and become aware that the search result shows the 'previous' tune on web radio.
So, to fix this, yes, just click "Refresh" in the menu anyway, but you know, I am not relieved.


RE: moOde release 4.1 - parthabhatta - 04-14-2018

Updated "In Place" from 4.0 to 4.1 and everything went smoothly. Enjoying 4.1 MoodeAudio. Thanks Tim.

RE: moOde release 4.1 - parthabhatta - 04-14-2018

Can anybody guide me How to route the audio output to BT speaker.

RE: moOde release 4.1 - Tim Curtis - 04-14-2018

The BT output routing UI and code in 4.1 is not working very well. I'd advise waiting for the bugfix update which will include a redesigned Bluetooth config UI.


RE: moOde release 4.1 - skypoke - 04-15-2018

Reinstalled 4.1 using image builder on pi3 working well except no local monitor available.  Previously was using 4.0 and controllling via hdmi monitor and usb keyboard.  

I've toggled all unused services, hdmi port on, local display/touchscreen etc.  Any ideas?

RE: moOde release 4.1 - Tim Curtis - 04-15-2018

Local HDMI monitor and kbd requires

1. HDMI on
2. LocalUI on
3. Touch screen off

Wait until each of #2 and #3 settings are applied and you see the completion message in upper right. If nothing appears on the monitor after a minute or so then power off and back on and wait a minute after the boot completes. The monitor should display a white background then the UI.


RE: moOde release 4.1 - erlingt - 04-15-2018

I've just installed release 4.1, and experience problems with the "Playback" page.

A lot of the elements on the page i shown with 'style="opacity: 0.2;"', for example the cover art element.

<div class="covers" style="opacity: 0.2;">
<div id="coverart-url" title="Google search"><img class="coverart" src="images/default-cover-v6.svg" data-adaptive-background="1" alt="Cover art not found"></div>
<div id="timeline">
<span id="m-countdown" href="#notarget"></span>
<input id="timetrack" type="range" min="0" max="100" value="0" step="1" ontouchend="sliderTime(this.value)" ontouchstart="stopTimer()">
<span id="m-total"></span>
<div id="extratags">Squeezelite session active</div>
<span id="currentartist"></span>
<span id="currentsong"></span>
<span id="currentalbum"></span>

Is there any settings I need to change?


RE: moOde release 4.1 - Tim Curtis - 04-15-2018

Do you have a Bluetooth device connected?

RE: moOde release 4.1 - erlingt - 04-16-2018

It's a Raspberry Pi 1B, and there is not connected any devices at all.

The sound is transferred via HDMI to my surround receiver, and the Pi is connected via wired network. Airplay and Squeezelite is On, other renderes is Off.