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Settings backup/restore - badbat75 - 06-19-2018

Hi, I search in the forum and I haven't found yet.
A useful feature could be a backup of all settings (System, Audio and Bluetooth, WiFi, NAS, Radio Stations and every user added content) and of course the natural counterpart of restore in a clean or already configured installation of moode.
Does this make sense?

I saw that some configurations resides in conf files, but many other things are in the etcd database.
Have you also a manual backup procedure to look at?

RE: Settings backup/restore - Tim Curtis - 06-19-2018

I don't maintain a procedure for backup/restore settings cuz I don't have a need for it. When I make multiple moOde images I just use moodecfg.txt method to have the names, ssid etc automatically assigned at boot.

RE: Settings backup/restore - badbat75 - 06-25-2018

It should be useful for basic users to have a function like this.