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initial update 4.2 - resolved - Falconcrest - 07-26-2018


when i check for software updates, i see in the system config, it gives a newer package?

System Config

software update
Package date: 2018-07-18
Last installed

OK, then ... INSTALL ... and now? It doesn't seem to happen. What can i make it?
I see under ... VIEW ...

Package content

NOTE: This initial update for moOde 4.2 must be run from the command line via SSH. This package provides updates and bug fixes for moOde 4.2. Reboot when complete message appears then (1) Update MPD database to add the new radio stations and (2) set your preferred Accent color.

What is the command, i need to execute?

These are parts of my system parameters:

S Y S T E M    P A R A M E T E R S  

Date and time = 2018-07-26 18:20:17
System uptime = up 2 days, 22 hours, 2 minutes
Timezone = Europe/Berlin
moOde = Release 4.2 2018-07-11

Who can help?

Best regards, Carsten

Sorry, i found the answer in another thread! Rolleyes

RE: initial update 4.2 - resolved - luxpiotr - 07-26-2018

RE: initial update 4.2 - resolved - Tim Curtis - 07-26-2018


I've just updated the VIEW text to include the command.


RE: initial update 4.2 - resolved - Falconcrest - 08-10-2018

Thanks, Tim and ... the moOde audio player is a very beautiful project! Smile

Best regards, Carsten!