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RE: Multi-CD sort logic - kvik2 - 08-21-2018

I downloaded ID3 Editor to check the tags. they appear to be fine, with correct disc (part of set) and track numbers, and correct metadata otherwise: Title, Artist, Album, Year, Genre, Composer, Orchestra (equals Album Artist in iTunes), Content (equals Grouping in iTunes).

RE: Multi-CD sort logic - kit1cat - 08-21-2018

Being a windows user I am not familiar with iTunes or ID3 editor, but looking at a screen shot of the main screen of ID3 editor I can’t see how you can enter track details for multi albums, unless there’s a sub screen.

RE: Multi-CD sort logic - Tim Curtis - 08-21-2018

moOde 4.3 uses natural sort ordering which resolves this issue.

RE: Multi-CD sort logic - kvik2 - 08-21-2018

@kit1cat: The editor has an extended panel as well, where disc (part of set) number is situated. I have used iTunes to edit tags, just wanted to check in a different editor (ID3 editor).

@Tim Curtis: I did read that thread about natural order. Hopefully this also means not having to rename anyting (putting a zero in front of disc 1-9 filenames). I will wait for 4.3 then. Thank you, both, for helping out.