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User account and add NAS to Favourites - Peterspieg - 10-23-2021


I have searched on the forum, but can't find the answers.
I have also posted this on Feauture requests, because I think it could be usefull extra's.

1)  It is to possible to give someone access to the UI with less privileges?
For example: if someone wants to change the radio station, they have all priviliges via the "M" in the top corner.
This means they can also break all kinds of settings.
So, maybe there is the possibility of a UI with less privileges?

2)  Is it possible to add the NAS to the favourite radio stations? Make some sort of shortcut?
It means less menu's to go through, easier for the end user.

Regards, Peter

RE: User account and add NAS to Favourites - Tim Curtis - 10-23-2021

For item 1), In residential usage scenarios which is what moOde is designed for there is no need for layered security in the player because (a) its difficult to accidentally change system configuration settings, (b) the moOde host is behind a Router and not directly connected to the Internet and © its assumed that family and friends are trusted.

In office or commercial usage scenarios a case can be made for player security but implementing it is not a trivial amount of effort and there does not seem to be a lot of demand for such a feature.

I don't understand item 2).