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hello from Poland - kuduacz - 05-23-2022

Hi there. I am a new Moode audio user.
i have a free princess 4 and decide to make some home audio system and decide to use Moode because its free and have better sound quality than popular Volumio, so here I am.

RE: hello from Poland - the_bertrum - 05-23-2022

Welcome kuduacz

RE: hello from Poland - Mr.R0b0t - 05-28-2022

hello cześć, też miałem volumio kiedyś ale nie równa się z moode.

RE: hello from Poland - greg_m - 06-02-2022

Hello kuduacz.
Witamy na forum. MoOde rulez! Uzywam od kilku lat i jestem bardzo zadowolony.

RE: hello from Poland - Tim Curtis - 06-02-2022

Friendly reminder to use English in posts so everyone can understand whats being said. If you want to say a few words in your native language then provide an English translation :-)