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Hello from the Netherlands - jdefockert - 01-28-2023

Hi everyone,

I live in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and I have been using Moodeaudio for about a year.

It is the best distribution for my setup with a Raspberry Pi 3B and a Dion Audio Loco v2 DAC AMP board.

I have been using it to volume limit my Roonbridge.

I have also been playing around with Spotify Connect which is very user friendly.

I am hoping to move to either Plexamp Headless or Tidal Connect for streaming my music to Moode audio.

I haven been able to get both working but would like to enable volume control from the streaming device.

I will post separately about this.

Happy to share how to install either Plexamp Headless or Tidal Connect on your Moode audio system.

Happy listening.



RE: Hello from the Netherlands - Tim Curtis - 01-28-2023

Sounds interesting. Both Plex and Tidal Connect are popular.