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USB and NAS not found - Giuanniello - 01-11-2019

First one should be simple, since the USB pen drives I use are mac formatted I switched to a FAT32 but still doesn't show up in Moode sources, how should I format it? This is important to me since I plan to eventually add a 2.5" storage device (either a spinning drive I already own or an SSD which will get power off of a dedicated power supply I guess) and I need to know which file systems are supported by Moode/Pi.

I own a QNap NAS which I can easily access though a browser, login with my credentials and then browse to the music folder, how do I add that specific folder to Moode?



p.s. Moode is latest release, just got my first Pi and burnt the Moode image and ready to go within less than 30 minutes, great!!!