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X4000 Expansion Board
I am looking for a DAC for a new moode player. I came accross this DAC.
It is definitely different from others, and they say it works with moode player.
Anybody using this DAC?
From what they say in the features and specifications, can it really work with moode, especially when they say you can use sound from i2c or from hdmi?
Hi moOde fans,
(04-05-2019, 08:33 PM)remy1961 Wrote:  this DAC.
Anybody using this DAC?

I've been using the x400 and x5000 from Suptronics for a few years (Rpi 2B, 3B, zero, zero W's). Doesn't need much computing power. No issues, works with Moode. Don't use a metal case because then wifi doesn't work. Shop around, prices vary.  More at
I just got this DAC. For the most part it works fine, sounds awesome on the analog stereo outputs, but I can't get any digital audio from it - the HDMI or the optical output Sad
If anyone had luck getting it to work I'd appreciate some tips!

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