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New Method of Business
I propose MoOde breaks into a 'stable' and 'testing/beta' strategy.

Only provide bug fixes with no new features. Update the stable branch once/year with new features if any. This stable branch should aim to be rock solid and 'just work' under all conditions.

Basically what MoOde is currently. Play around with new community-based features and ideas. Have it open to testing to the community and known beta testers. Provide a structured format for reporting issues via GitHub.
By this, do you mean that the site is divided into two parts? One part will be a beta version with new interesting features for testing, and the other part will be a stable version with all the already tested features and everything that ordinary users need? This method is usually used by game studios. But it still sounds like a really good idea, but are there enough people to implement such a thing? I think the main thing is to put all your efforts into the project, and then it will be as it will be. At least when my friend created his online store, he did not plan what would happen next, he had a plan to make a project and he did it. However, it was probably necessary to immediately think about kyc aml software because it is safer and easier with such software.
The project does not have the resources to maintain a public beta image program but we do maintain both development and master branches in the Git repo.
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