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Upcoming moOde 6.6.0 feature release
Hi there, I saw Radio Caroline has been deleted due to playable URL fail - the exact stream URLs can be found here:

In my upmpdcli-radio.conf file, I've always used without issue.

That works. I'll add it back in.
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I sent another donation because this update is looking that exciting! Tongue

Also a cool future feature is a setting for the USB volume as updates will probably break USB volume if user changed the default triggerhappy actions.
Several piZeroW with HiFiBerry Amp2 and Allo Mini Boss DAC
For that one, at least for the time being, its prolly best to manually keep a copy of


Added to TODO list :-)
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Hi Tim,

Am I in thinking that 6.6.0 may feature an updated version of upmpdcli?

If so, just to let you know that I’ve just upgraded upmpdcli to ver 1.4.12 and in ran into an issue - the volume level that the renderer has for a radio source (as derived from upmpdcli-radio.conf) now differs and appears to be independent to the volume level that’s assigned to a playlist for a media server. For example, if I start off by listening to a radio source and set the volume to let’s say ‘80’, then play a track from a media server, there’s no guarantee that the volume level for the track would remain at ‘80’, rather it would be at the volume level that had previously been set for the playlist. If I then adjust the volume of the track to say ‘50’, then skip back to the radio source, then the volume level for that will continue to be set at ‘80’.

I've reported this issue to Jean-Francois and hopefully there will be a fix soon. In the meantime, i'm reverting back to ver 1.4.10 which didn't feature this issue
Where are these two volume levels set?

You should post a link to the issue so it can be tracked.
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Thanks for your post Tim. It can be tracked via this link:
Can you elaborate on where the 2 volume level are established? I looked in the conf files for upmpdcli and I could not find anything like a per playlist volume level setting.

I generally understand UPnP/DLNA but don't use it in practice so I'm trying to understand some of its unique features.
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Nothing relevant is stated in the Open Home specification in either the Playlist section or the Radio service section. This is something upmpdcli is deciding for itself. I'm hopeful Zigzag's issue will get resolved quickly given Jean-Francois's attentiveness to his users.

That said, this integration of upmpdcli with moOde has always seemed to me to be like the old Saturday Night Live commercial for New Shimmer: Is it a floor wax or a dessert topping? Is  moOde a stand-alone player or a UPnP/OH renderer/server? So far, as with New Shimmer, the answer is both.

Not that there's anything wrong with the idea, but beyond the basic Media Renderer and Media Server functions, there's lots of features in upmpdcli that aren't yet a good fit. The radio service is a good example. It's been available for a long time but it's not integrated with moOde's own radio service. Only once in the years I've been hanging around has a user asked how to merge moOde station entries into upmpdcli's config file. I wrote a one-way script in response but that's not integration.

Like Tim, I don't use UPnP/OH other than to test the basics work using apps on phones/tablets along with an instance of minimserver ---no commercial A/V components here. With other connectivity paths between bespoke apps and moOde available as well as the integration of many streaming services into Control Points like BubbleUPnP, I've lost interest in the upmpdcli plugins such as Tidal and gmusic.

It'll be up to motivated users like Zigzag to help push things along.


I've just completed successful tests of Linux kernel 5.4.49 including 64-bit ASIX and CF-912AC drivers for the Allo USbridge SIG :-)


Next set of tests will be the new Raspberry Pi OS Lite (10.4)
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