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Problem: tagging issues (macOS > moOde)

I have a large library of approximately 350 GB of mixed files (mp3 and m4a), all sorted and "cleaned" with Tagtraum's beatunes (macOS). 

In my all of my files are correctly tagged with Genre and so on. However, when copying those files to a USB drive and integrating them into moOde, some of those files show 2unknown artist" / "unknown album", some others do not show the correct genre – for example instead of Swing they show "(83) Swing", instead of Blues "(0) Blues". Oddly, not all albums of an artist are affected, it might only be one specific album.

I'm trying to understand why this is happening, but couldn't find any information on which id3 version uses and which moode uses, but am also hesitant to just let mutagen mi3v2 -C run on my whole library, so I am hoping I might find some pointers towards the general direcion i need to investigate here.

thanks in advance ツ
Zip up one of the albums or some songs that are showing the odd tag values and send a PM with a download link to both myself and @TheOldPresbyope. We'll see if there is anything weird going on with the tags.

OS X will create those annoying hidden dot files (._DS_Store, ._filename, etc) and so make sure you delete them using the dot_clean command or some other utility / script.
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Tim beat me to it.  Smile
Cheers guys, I'll do that straight away!

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