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Problem: Disappointing sound quality with Moode on Pi 3 B+ and USB DAC/amplifier
(06-07-2021, 12:24 AM)Tim Curtis Wrote: The mysterious NwAvGuy, creator of the legendary ES9023 based ODAC. His articles were pretty interesting and insightful :-)

Yep, and he designed the O2 headphone amp, too.  I own one of each -- ODAC and O2 -- although neither are in service right now.

His articles are really well-written and the one to which I linked is among his best articles for audiophiles (as opposed to electrical engineers).  

Quote:I'm not really interested in hosting Threads comparing Player softwares because there is no benefit to our project in terms of being able to find or fix bugs in moOde software, gain insights, etc as a result of such comparisons.

How about proper, double-blind listening tests and instrumented testing?  I'd be interested in that.  But I've got no interest in reading about uncontrolled listening "tests."  That the kind of thing that leads to people breathlessly describing allegedly exquisite improvements resulting from $170 AudioQuest iPhone USB cables.
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