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Large 4 wires only OLED display
I have just received this 2.42 inches oled display from ebay. It is large and just connects with 4 wires (i2c interface). Very good contrast. I managed to have it work with moode using pydPiper. With pydPiper you can customise what info you want to display and how to display it. It also works with the scripts from @adrii.

[Image: file.php?id=663]

[Image: attachment.php?aid=209]
Looks good.! I was considering getting that display and using Adrian's oled how-to....
I hope you will be posting a step by step too...!

Sure i will write a tutorial soon.

I'm also waiting for the tutorial. Tomorrow I'll receive a screen like this at the post office 

Thanks @DRONE7 pydPiper works, but it does not show the time correctly. I changed different time zones. The code is the same as for the 20x4 screen. Only need to specify the configuration correctly.


startup_msg_duration = 5

display_driver = luma_i2c
display_i2c_port = 1
display_i2c_address = 0x3c
display_devicetype = ssd1306
display_width = 128
display_height = 64
pagefile =
animation_smoothing = 0.15

logfile = /var/log/pydPiper.log
loglevel = debug
timezone = Europe/Moscow
time24hour = true
temperature = celsius

source_type = moode
mpd_server = localhost
mpd_port = 6600
mpd_password = moodeaudio

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