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Problem: Stream music from iOS to MoOde
My name is Chris and I am new in the forum. I am a French person living in Italy therefore please forgive my bad English.
I have just purchased a new Raspberry Pi 3B+ and before starting the research for the best DAC, I was looking for the best distribution considering my needs and use.
MoOde 4.4 seems to fulfill my criteria (hotspot, bluetooth support, many DAC supported, nice and easy interface); kudos to the software developers for the real good job.

One of my use case is to stream music from my iOS device to MoOde using bluetooth. Technically, I managed to have it working but I first have to connect to the default hotspot created by MoOde (the Pi is not part of any wireless network), access the settings for bluetooth, look for my device, select it, pair and connect.
These actions have to be performed each time the bluetooth communication is lost (after a power cycle for instance).

In order to make it easier for anybody (without going through the steps mentioned before), I was wondering whether it would be possible to establish the bluetooth connection the other way around, i.e. open the bluetooth settings on my mobile phone, look for the Pi and connect to it, as anybody familiar with bluetooth would do (considering then the Pi as a bluetooth speaker).
With my current configuration, I see the Pi when looking to the available devices but when I try to connect to it, I get the classical error message "Connection Unsuccessful"

Has somebody already experienced the same behavior? Is there a way to make it more comfortable?
Very odd.

Once a Bluetooth pairing is made its persistent.

After failing to connect from IOS, does the pairing still show up in BlueZ screen?
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The pairing is still present in BlueZ screen and if I press connect from there, I can connect to the iOS device.
But impossible to connect from the iOS phone.
The symptom suggests something external to moOde software for example network interference in the 2.4 GHz band.

I ran a couple of quick tests using a Pi-0W and an older iPhone SE and no issues connecting from the iPhone. The 0W was configured for AP mode. I had mode.local open on the iPhone and then successfully connected via Bluetooth from the iPhone. I got same results after rebooting the 0W.

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Hmm, I get similar results. I just tested it. It works fine once it is connected, but a connection could not be initiated by my iPhone7 inside the Setting-BT. What worked is the following:

I normally use MoOde via WLAN, so when I opened - after reboot of MoOde - MoOde on my iPhone it has not connected to MoOde via BT. I needed to go into them ^M menu BlueZ and get the option to connect via BT. I can initiate the connection from the iPhone (inside MoOde). So it could be possible to store MoOde with a BT connection on the Homescreen and that might work better.

It is interesting , that I don't need Airplay enable to allow RPi&MoOde to _receive_ Airplay via BT.
Thanks for your investigation.

I performed extra tests and it seems that pairing is working properly. If I cancel all paired device and try to pair from the iPhone SE (or Android phone) it works, the phone will be listed as paired device afterwards. The problem is that once paired, the "real" connection must be initiated by the Pi but not by the phone.
It means that even with a paired phone, one has to connect first via WLAN to connect to BT.
Has anybody a hint?
Moode Audio can be discovered. Pairing works but no way to connect from the iPhone SE.
Connecting to the iPhone from the Pi works fine.
After performing some extra tests, it seems you can connect from a phone after the search for device has been performed at least once from Moode.
Thanks for the support

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