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Can't detect USB Dac

That's a serious piece of kit!

The technician in me wants to ask for the results of tests from the command line but the pragmatist in me decided to ask the Internet first. Aha---I see you're not alone. There's a 2-year old post to the LHLabs site pulse-x-dac-not-recognised-as-usb-device which seemed to involve a firmware issue on one unit. You probably need to be posting there.

I also see posts there regarding drivers, even for Windows 10, which can sometimes mean the USB interface is sketchy, but then I found 3-year old posts from people saying their Pulse-X DAC worked on RPis with (3-year old) RuneAudio and moOde, so it should be detectable.


FYI: Tim thoughtfully provides the RPi model information as part of the System info report (while in Configuration mode, click m>System info). For example, here's an excerpt from the report for one of my players:

 S Y S T E M    P A R A M E T E R S  

    Date and time    = 2019-02-13 08:10:13
    System uptime    = up 12 hours, 51 minutes

    HDWR REV    = Pi-3B+ 1GB v1.3
    SoC         = BCM2835
    CORES        = 4
    ARCH        = armv7l

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