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WIFI IP address appears only with wired connection
Start with a fresh image of moOde r4.4 on an (u)SD card.

-do not add a moodecfg.txt file to /boot.
-do insert the card into an RPi with either internal or known-to-work-with-RPi external WiFi adapter and *no* ethernet connection.
-do boot moOde.
-do not: make ethernet connection, ssh into moOde, and run 'apt-get update'
-do not: make ethernet connection, ssh into moOde, and run 'raspi-config'
-do disconnect your phone from your existing WiFi Access point and connect it with the Access Point SSID=Moode, pwd=moodeaudio
-do now open in your browser on your phone.
et voilà

I have three Android devices with various Android versions, one Apple iPod with current iOS version, and a Linux laptop with recent Linux MintOS. None has any trouble connecting to moOde following this scheme..


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