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Problem: Very Loud hissing sound/static on some songs
Hi All,
A weird issue of Very loud Hissing sound (static), dangerous enough to damage speakers(volume control goes to maximum) when playing some mp3 and some flac files crop up in the moode 4.1 version and raspbian stretch lite 2018-03-13. I am using rpi 3b + allo piano 2.1 + Allo Kali Reclocker.

Weird enough it also has the exact same problem with the latest Volumio 2.389 version.

My friend who has the exact same setup also confirmed the problem.

It does not have this problem when I take out the Kali Reclocker, using only the Piano 2.1 dac + rpi.

The fact that the problem is on both Moode and Volumio leads me to suggest that it must be the fault of a common software update used by both the player softwares.

Another weird thing is that it still plays many flac songs perfectly.

Any thoughts on how to fix the problem will be appreciated.


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Very Loud hissing sound/static on some songs - by kaytata - 05-03-2018, 02:00 PM

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