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Bad quality sound on MoodeAudio 6.x
The Alsaequal UI doesn't display dB and Ive never been able to find info about the mapping between it's 0-100 scale and dB. it defaults to 66 which one would assume is "Flat" ?? The UI is displayed via sudo alsamixer -D alsaequal

Apparently now though 66 is louder than with no EQ. It doesn't look like the plugin itself has changed given the dates in the source repo so prolly something changed in ALSA itself.

The sources for alsaequal are here

Maybe there is another graphic eq plugin that could be used that uses a dB scale. That would be something like -12 0 12 where 0dB gain is "Flat".
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Bad quality sound on MoodeAudio 6.x - by Jedrek - 08-30-2019, 07:47 PM
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