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Problem: Samba mount seems to work but fails
I encountered a strange Samba problem, probably no specific to the moode player 6.1), as it occurs on another machine as well, but maybe somebody here has an idea what is going on.

I have successfully used an ext4-fomatted disk via a NAS for my music collection.
But after some clean-up on a different machine (Linux, where the disk had been prepared originally and then worked in the NAS), the following problem occurs:

Configuratiion works fine, I get the green check mark. But when I look (via ssh),
whether the share is mounted correctly, the size-info is totally wrong. Instead of a
4TB drive (3844608996) that is 81% full, it shows an 8GB drive (7633920) that is 8% full. The same values show up for a 2TB drive that is 76% full. On the NAS I see the correct values and all the files, but of course moode cannot see those.

The weird thing is that the same 4TB disk used to work before. I did do a file-system check on the Linux machine after working on the disk, though. Any ideas what might cause this problem and what I can do short of reformatting the disks and re-copying the music onto them?

I have attempted to mount the Samba share directly via ssh, but got an error 22 with the following message at the end of dmesg:

"No dialect specified on mount. Default has changed to a more secure dialect, SMB2.1 or later (e.g. SMB3), from CIFS (SMB1). To use the less secure SMB1 dialect to access old servers which do not support SMB3 (or SMB2.1) specify vers=1.0 on mount."

When mounting the share through the the web-interface, no message is attached to dmesg.

The NAS uses the following Samba-configuration:
bind interfaces only = yes
deadtime = 30
enable core files = no
invalid users = root
local master = no
map to guest = Bad User
max protocol = SMB2
min receivefile size = 16384
null passwords = yes
passdb backend = smbpasswd
security = user
smb passwd file = /etc/samba/smbpasswd
use sendfile = yes

-- Jürgen

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