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usb connectivity

I'm having a problem connecting a USB hard drive. It is external, I have it on a hub, to provide power to it. This arrangement has worked with the Kodi software.
The drive and files are also visible when using SSH to access the Pi. 
The version is a B+ Raspberry Pi and 4.1 Moode, hard drive formatted with EXT4

Try as I might I could not see the files through Moode. I then decided to try see if I could see files that were just on a USB thumbdrive. This worked, initially.  
I then tried them deeper in in the file structure (ie in a directory called music). Didn't see them, tried again using a different thumb drive, tried using NTFS, EXT4, FAT.

Sometimes I could see some files, but not really in a repeatable fashion. 

Am I missing something? Is Moode not designed to work this way?
It occurs to me that I could increase the bus voltage in the Pi config file, and plug directly to it. But again, because I can read file structure just fine using SSH, it would seem that I am already connecting via USB.

thanks, for any insight,

Will MacGhee

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