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ultra high performance DAC - TauDAC!
(11-02-2019, 12:00 PM)zenscape Wrote: Have you guys seen this new DAC - it looks amazing from what I can see. Any plans to implement this into MoOde?

the new TauDAC

Reading the notes, it mentions an interesting thing about the current version of MPD supplied in Raspbian Jessie is 0.19.1-1.1. Please excuse my ignorance if I've got this wrong and MoOde 6 is a later version, but the version in Jessie dates back to 2014. An eternity in software terms. If MoOde is using the same 2014 version, any plans to lift to the current version?

Jessie? 2014? We're up to Raspbian Buster and MPD versions 0.20.23 (default) and 0.21.15 (for testing). But you'd know that if you were actually using moOde 6.3.0.

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