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HDMI Monitor says 'Signal out of range"
(12-12-2019, 11:15 PM)Tim Curtis Wrote: Hi,

moOde automatically boots into AP mode if both of the following conditions are true.

- No Ethernet connection
- No WiFi SSID defined or SSID defined but no IP address received

You can then connect to the SSID Moode and then enter http: //moode.local or http: // in a Browser. It's prolly easier to use AP mode rather than connect display, keyboard/mouse. AP mode is described in the Setup guide.

I fully agree, it's easier, for me.  

But for example, I am currently helping someone over the phone, to get his rpi/moode set up, and he struggles with wifi and how it works.  I will have to walk him through it slowly.  For him, it would be easier to plug it into a screen.

But he's probably in the minority of people who would try to set up Moode.

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